Home Remedies

Here are some pimples treatment at home which you can try  before you start rushing out to buy pimple cream or miracle face wash.

You can try it with these everyday items that are easy to find at home.

Use Ice

ice cube

Wrap a cloth or towel around an ice cube and place it over the pimple for a few secs.

Repeat this a couple of times until you feel the swelling is reduced. Make sure that the cloth is clean so as not to introduce more bacteria to your skin.

Use toothpaste

white toothpaste

This method is good and you can do it just before you sleep.

Apply a light tinge of white toothpaste ( not gel ) and leave it on before you sleep.

The next morning when you awake, wash it off with water and you will see an improvement in your face.

Use steam

Get a large surfaced container and fill it with hot water to allow steam to come up and help to clear up your face for a few minutes.

After that, rinse your face with room temperature water and dry it. Apply oil free moisturiser.